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TVC: Records Management / Information Mangement

Laurie Varendorff has been involved with Records and Information Management RIM Systems since the 1970s. Laurie was involved in Records and Information Management RIM Systems implementation and microfilm application design in his role as a District Sales Manager for 50% of Western Australia and later as the State Manager of the Xerox CopiCentre.

The Varendorff Consultancy (TVC) specialises in the creation of Controlled Vocabularies (CVs), Thesauri, Business Classification Schemes (BCSs) and Retention and Disposal (R&D) or Disposition schedules plus the auditing of current installations. TVC uses the latest technological tool to perform these tasks along with a high level of interpersonal and negotiating skills to evaluate and discuss with personnel at all levels of an organisation. TVC is heavily involved in the promotion of Quality Assurance in respect to the scanning of documents with the supply of Resolution Test Targets to meet international standards in this area. The latest expansion of the Varendorff Consultancy product offering is in obtaining the Australasian agency for a range of Server, Media and Vital Records Vaults to safeguard the integrity of the data against pollution, dust, fire and other acts of God.

TVC: Records Management / Information Mangement Perth

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